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Module 09: The Strategic Challenge in Direct Marketing

Module 09 gives participants the opportunity to apply everything they have learned in previous Modules and their own experience to a real-world, real-time, direct marketing situation -- a strategic dilemma presented by a business organization. This Module cannot be taken until participants have completed Modules 01 through 08.

Each year a sponsoring corporation provides candidates for IMI Certification with a compilation of data regarding the sponsor's marketing situation, including information about their goods and services, brand position, market share, current media mix, target market(s), competition, and more! Participant teams analyze the situation and devise a strategy and set of tactics to address the marketing challenge posed by the organization. Participants are expected to apply the case study method and presentation skills introduced in Module 08 in preparing their marketing plans and recommendations.

On Day Two of Module 09, each participant team presents findings from its analysis in the form of a strategic plan and rationale. IMI faculty and executives from the sponsor corporation critique and judge the plans. Awards based on teams' performance are made in the closing session.

Module 09 constitutes the 'oral' portion of the IMI Direct Marketing Certification exam. It is designed to test participants' ability to apply what they have learned throughout the program. IMI Direct Marketing Certification also involves two written exams covering module content. Participants are eligible for the written exams upon completion of Modules 01 - 04 and 05 - 08.

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