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Module 08: The Direct Marketing Environment: Ethics and Privacy plus a Professional Panel

Module 08 deals with the legislative and ethical environment direct marketers operate in, plus gives participants the opportunity to hear from practicing direct marketers on trends and "how they got to where they are today" during a panel presentation. Guest speakers from select industries provide real-world examples of the applications of direct marketing in their organizations.

Additionally, participants spend one full day in a valuable workshop on presentation skills, designed to prepare participants for a variety of business opportunities, as well as give an opportunity to work on The Strategy Challenge with a professional trainer.

Professional Panel
A panel of industry veterans will present their points of view on the direct marketing business and the trends they see, and share observations from their careers with participants. (Informal format and Q&A)

Module 08 faculty include Olivia Smith, and Randy Barker.

The following is an abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 08.
Consumer expectations
What is privacy--legally and practically
How to be a responsible direct marketer and still make money
Where social media is heading
What will the DM future look like?
What are the opportunities in DM careers?

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