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Module 05: Applications: Direct Mail, DRTV, Telephone Marketing

This module focuses on everything successful direct marketers need to know about the direct mail, direct response television and telephone media.

Participants are exposed to offer structure and development, the relationships between readership and readability, readership and relevance, and readership and decision making are all reviewed in depth, as well as development of a direct mail budget.

At the conclusion of this module, participants will understand the connection between universe size, pre-existing level of interest, and lists, offers and direct mail formats.

You’ll learn how DRTV works and where is is positioned in the future of direct and interactive, as well as how telephone marketing is used in today’s direct marketing climate, including the legislative environment.

Case Exercises
Participants will have an opportunity to have their direct mail critiqued, as well as to develop alternative ideas to improve the effectiveness of direct mail packages.

They will also hear real-world examples of how DRTV can grow a business and how to successfully implement a telephone campaign.

Module 05 faculty include: Tim McCreight, Jason McQuaid, Dave John, Paul Glancy.

The following is an abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 05.
Types of direct mail
List strategy
Profile of a direct mail responder
How production can make or break your direct mail campaign
How to use the telephone as part of an integrated direct marketing campaign
Determining optimal solicitation of the universe
Budgeting for direct marketing campaigns
Script writing
Optimal DRTV scheduling and strategy

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