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Module 04: Creative Strategy

Part art and part science, creating direct marketing for any and all communication channels affords the opportunity to combine the knowledge of what works and what does not with the creative process. In Module 04, participants learn what captures attention, fosters involvement, and provokes decisions in print and interactive media.

Participants are exposed to real-world examples of direct marketing communications and learn why those communications succeeded or failed based on their application of principles born of results analysis.

The creative process is explored from the sometime opposing points of view of developing effective work and managing its development to schedule and budget.

This hands-on workshop affords participants the opportunity to develop offers, write copy, and design direct communications for a representative direct marketer.

Module 04 faculty include Chris Costello and Mike Daitch.

The following is an abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 04.
Defining and developing creative skills
Creative strategy - paradigms and process
How to develop creative concepts
The creative team - contributions of writers and art directors
The role of the brand in direct marketing
Outer envelope design - techniques for getting direct mail opened and read
The letter, lift notes, response device, etc.
Applying creative process to the 'new media'
How to write a good creative brief
Current ideas on web design - banners and beyond
Writing and designing effective email

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