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Module 03: Database Marketing, CRM, Analytics and Testing

Module 03 focuses on four critical and inter-related components of direct marketing programs: Database Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Analytics and Testing. Participants will learn how to build and manage a marketing database, including the information required, software available, and how to use the data in a meaningful way.

As the customer database provides the foundation for any effective CRM program, its use as a retention and relationship management tool is explored in depth. Participants learn the basics of CRM including contact frequency, costs of contact, using technology to drive contact, etc. Sessions allow participants to evaluate practical applications of CRM in the context of real world scenarios.

To effectively apply the tools of database marketing and customer acquisition and the practices of CRM to customer retention, participants are familiarized with the basic statistical tools of direct marketing. Testing and measuring, response modeling, determining predictive validity and segmentation are addressed.

In-depth database marketing cases from need recognition through application selection and implementation are presented throughout the session.

Module 03 faculty include: Gary Beck, Rob Jackson, Chris Pritcher.

The following is an abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 03.
Segmentation, cluster analysis, RFM
Response modeling, predictive validity, regression analysis
The logistics behind CRM
Translating customer retention into profitable customer relationship management
Practical applications of data for CRM
Developing metrics for your organization
Calculating the lifetime value of a customer
Data warehousing and data administration
Relational databases

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