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Module 02: Buyer Behavior and Research

In today's complex and costly communications environment, direct marketers must use tools that increase their probability of success. Testing and measurement is no longer enough, and often there is not enough time.

Module 02 acquaints participants with the psychology of the buyer so their direct marketing programs can be crafted to match human behavior. They learn what motivates consumers and what will provoke decisions. Models of consumer decision making are introduced and exercises are used to examine a host of influences on individual and group decisions.

In addition, participants are exposed to traditional marketing research techniques focused on learning more about consumers' beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Profiles of specific target markets -- the elderly, Hispanics, women, and teens, for example -- are considered as participants develop direct marketing strategies in a hands-on exercise. The review of research techniques includes primary and secondary data sources, as well as methods to collect both qualitative and quantitative data.

Special attention is paid to research techniques made available through the 'new media' and participants learn how to apply these techniques to their direct marketing programs.

Research Activity
Participants are taken through a guided research exercise and have the opportunity to share their findings with the group.

The faculty for Module 02 include Pamela Kiecker, Tracy Tuten, Dan Ream

The following is an abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 02.
Insights into buyer behavior
The art of persuasion
What people really 'buy' when they purchase
Quantitative and qualitative data
Primary and secondary data collection
Marketing research methods - strengths and weaknesses
How to design a research process
Web-based research - a boon to direct marketers
Using email to test offers, copy, etc. for other media

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