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Module 01: Direct and Interactive Marketing Fundamentals

Module 01 insures participants are well grounded in the fundamental logic behind all direct marketing and covers the key premises that form the foundation of direct marketing programs.

Participants will understand the relative power of the marketing communications channels available to them and gain practical guidance on how to select the appropriate channel for the marketing tasks that confront them. They will also learn the key variables that create persuasion power in each channel.

In addition, Module 01 lays the groundwork for effective integrated marketing communications. All participants – from every background – obtain the knowledge and framework needed to achieve both synergy and effectiveness from their firm’s mail, inbound/outbound telemarketing, email and Internet, general advertising, sales promotion, and in-person sales efforts.

Case Study
Participants use a real-world company to work through an integrated marketing solution and apply the principles they are learning.

Participants will acquire useful new insights into the many inter-relationships that operate within a direct marketing program and gain the tools to be more innovative in each step in the direct marketing process.

Module 01 Instructor: Keith Wardell

The following is an abbreviated list of topics covered in Module 01.
The source of persuasion power
How to determine how much power is needed to accomplish your direct marketing objectives
General advertising versus direct marketing a comparison
The relative power of media - print, broadcast, and interactive
Database marketing and CRM – an overview
Integrating media for optimum results
Some unfortunate truths about direct marketing
Designing direct mail for maximum readership and response
Three ways to “test” your mail without producing a single piece
The challenges of integration
Ten common mistakes in direct mail
The transaction proposition

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